How To Draw an Anime Girl


Draw a simple circle with a compass, or something round. then draw a vertical line down the dead centre of the circle. the left side(where we will put the face ) we can call the face zone. then draw another line horizontally and across the middle. th   


The next few guidelines you will draw are simple. just draw a vertical line in the middle of the face zone, and another at the front of the face. next, rule a line a third of the way down the bottom of the face.


Start drawing the forehead and the front of the face. the bridge of the nose should be nice and smooth, no corners. the hardest thing in this tut is the lips, drawing the lips side view Is tricky, but remember, you can make them look how you want, ju   


start to draw the outline shape of the eye should lean against the line towards the right. and it should be in the small box at the front of the face.


draw the eyelashes in the eye, and the small highlights in the iris. the iris should be drawn at the front of the eye, so that she is looking forwards. colour in the pupil nice and dark. draw her ear starting at the lobe(connected to the jawline,) an   


start to draw the fringe of the hair, and the side bits. (that part's easy and quick)


add the rest of the hair, you don't have to do this hairstyle, but it's nice and easy so I recommend it for beginners. also add the bow! (I love bows.) but you could add a flower, a ribbon, or anything, just use your imagination!


Rub out all the guidelines!!!!!


you don't have to do this step, but I like the look of it. just grab a ^B Progresso, and go over every line, nice and dark. if you don't have a progresso, you can just use an artline, or black texta, or just a 6B or 4B pencil. NOW YOU'RE DONE =)

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December 8, 2013

Description: Here is my first tutorial! it's just a simple anime girl from side view. hope you like it!

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