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how to draw a bow

Artist: jellybean06 / January 1, 2014
how to draw a bow

Step 1.

sorry the first picture of this tut is a little blurry. first all you want to do is draw the knot in the bow. it shouldn't have any corners and it should be almost a circle.

Step 2.

I just realised the horrible shadow in all of these pictures so im so sorry about that. next, juts start the bow with a line inclining up and then finishing with a curve.

Step 3.

round off the sides of the bow, and draw two straight lines diagonal from the bottom.

Step 4.

to finish off the shape of the bow, finish the ties at the bottom.

Step 5.

add some shadow and depth. this is best done with a smudge stick, or a tissue. now add the polka dots! XD

Step 6.

the very last step! just pick a colour and colour it in. if you want, you can now outline it with something. I uses a artline fineliner. all done!

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Artist: jellybean06
Date Added: January 1, 2014
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Tags: how to draw bows
Description: I thought for my second ever tut I would do a how to draw a bow. I love bows and there's many ways to draw them, but I've found a cute and easy way. hope you like this tutorial, i know it's simple but I really enjoyed drawing this.