How to Draw an Angry Wolf, Angry Wolf


First, this step is VERY important. Do NOT skip this step, as it will decrease your chances in drawing an accurate snarling wolf head. Try to draw these guidelines as accurately as possible to further your successes with the result.


Then, simply start sketching the eyebrow, and the very short - defined snout which will carry most of the tension. You'll want to draw the nose shortened, similar to a heart in order to appeal to the perspective correctly. The mouth should be drawn i   


Then, furthering with the detail in the snout, we'll LIGHTLY sketch thin weighted lines, to vary the drawing's line weights. With varied line weights, you achieve a more interesting - coordinated drawing.


Now, lots of artists tend to draw the snout with THICK folds of skin at the crease of the nose. You should see no more than 3 or 4 rolls of folded skin at the top of the snout; NO MORE after that! Notice how the detailing to the snout is detailed to    


Then, we will draw the upper lining of the teeth, using them as frames. Then, steadily, draw the individual teeth, sort of like filling in the caps. This technique applies only if you draw the outline of gums before the teeth are formed.


Ok, here's another cool tip you could use in your future snarling wolf drawings. To complete this look successfully, you'll need to mind the amount of gums revealed. Notice how the gums push the focus of the teeth to the viewer? At the edge of mouth,   


Now, we will slowly take this step at ease. I know it may seem overly complex, but once you take each element by short amounts, this should be a breeze. Lightly sketch the outline of the mouth first, before adding any of the teeth or tongue. Afterwar   


Then, let's start sketching the shape of the chin and the puffy sides of cheek. Now, people get confused with drawing wolves, because of the difference in face shape between domestic dogs and wolves. A wolf has VERY puffy heads, they have no defined    


Sketch in the eye, making sure that the distance between the eyebrow crease is even. Use light pencil strokes for definition of the jaw. Because the face is stressed with tension, you'll want to add sharp yet subtle details of bone structure in the f   


Using quick and thick strokes, detail the rest of the body, keeping equal distance between the head and body. Now, if you want to challenge yourself, draw the entire body on how you would guess it's posed.


With further detailing, you should have something very similar to this. Use a black ink pen or marker to finalize your lines, using precise varied strokes. You may need specific markers for this; research the matter online.


Now, the finished drawing all colored using Photoshop. Rock out to some Tool or Metallica to intensify your drawing experience! I had a BLAST drawing this live, thanks to all the 120 viewers who watched! Peace out and love peeps! \m/

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December 16, 2011

Description: Fans of Drago! Here I call out to you and present to you with another tutorial addition to DragoArt. In this fun and epic lesson, we will embark on learning “how to draw an angry wolf”, step by step. I made the steps clearly simple enough for you to succeed. There's also two important tips I've included to teach you a few pointers on the basic anatomy of a wolf in this ferocious stance. Get yourself a pencil, paper, and eraser to get started with this tut. It will take a few tries to get satisfying results, especially if you're a beginner at drawing wolves and or art itself. Dip into this wolf drawing tutorial to possibly learn a few techniques to further your success with these creatures. I had so much fun sketching, inking and painting this guy live. If you'd like to watch me, I draw live on weekdays only at 8 PM EST. There are times when I am a few minutes late, but I'm surely drawing every weekday. Thanks for viewing and good luck!

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