How to Draw a Twilight Wolf, Twilight Wolf, Wolf Jacob

Artist: Dawn / November 18, 2011

Step 1.

Even though the main image just shows the head of this Twilight wolf, you will actually be getting a tutorial on the whole body in a frontal view. Start with the circle for the head and then sketch in the facial guides.

Step 2.

Take your time as you slowly sketch out the razor edged fur filled face or cheeks, and then sketch in the top of the wolf's snout. Draw in the ears which are downward due to a defense stance, and then sketch in the neck fur which is standing up on th   

Step 3.

Start at the top first and begin sketching in the detailing for the fur or wolf hair. Sketch the ear detailing as well as the wrinkles that actually form the snout. Take your time if you want a well drawn wolf.

Step 4.

Using the facial guides, begin drawing out the shapes of each eye. As you can see Jacob doesn't have a very inviting look on his face. the eyes should be drawn in a serious stare, and be sure to color or shade in around the eyeball. Lightly sketch th   

Step 5.

You can start sketching out the wrinkles on the snout like so, and then draw in the nose as well as the nose holes. Sketch in the gnarling teeth fangs and all, and then add some whiskers too.

Step 6.

Okay guys, the head, face and back part of the body is drawn in. All you have to do now is sketch out the front legs, and notice how the width of the legs is pretty hearty. Sketch in the chest and move to step seven.

Step 7.

Now that the legs are all drawn in, you can now begin sketching out the very prominent arched toes. Once the toes are drawn, sketch in the claws or nails, and then sketch in all of the muscle and fur detailing, definition and tweaking.

Step 8.

Are you ready to finish off this tutorial on drawing wolf Jacob? Good, all you have to do is sketch out the back legs, and paws and then add in the muscle detailing to define the body. Clean up your sketch freeing it from mistakes.

Step 9.

Whala, I now give you the finished line art of the wolf version of Jacob Black. Color it in and post it on your mirror, wall, locker, or even show some of your friends.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 18, 2011
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Description: Guess what today is? Yes, yes I know it’s Thursday, but what’s the date? If you said the seventeenth, you already know that tomorrow is going to be a chaotic, jam packed day because the release of Twilight: Breaking Dawn is tomorrow which is Friday the 18th. Now ever since New Moon came out, I have been getting bombarded with requests for me to make a tutorial on "how to draw a Twilight wolf", or better known as Wolf Jacob. I had so much fun with making this drawing and I already know without a doubt that you guys will have a blast with following this tutorial even if it is kind of hard for you to understand and follow. It’s a no brainer why I chose to draw Jacob Black, I mean he IS the only wolf we actually care about if you amongst the millions that are all for Team Jacob. At first I was Team Edward, but ever since I watched Eclipse, I have to say Jacob is the team I choose all the way; unless of course Breaking Dawn changes my mind. Well, I guess I better shut up and let you guys get busy with drawing Wolf Jacob. I will be back in a few with more stuff to do. Peace out people and enjoy!