How to Draw Wolf Love, Wolf Love


Make two circles that are the exact same size and shape. Draw in face guides like so, and move along.


Starting with the first wolf, begin sketching out the shape of the top portion of the head, and then slowly move forward until the forehead and snout is drawn in. Next, draw the muzzle mouth, and the chin. Notice how the chin is drawn to show the fur   


Draw in the eye like so, and then darken the area until you have a fully formed wolf eye. Sketch in the brow and some hair on the cheek, and then draw out the actual nose, nostrils, and whisker holes. End this step by drawing the bottom fangs.


Sketch out the fury shape of the wolf's head in the form of the jaw line and cheek, and then sketch in the simply shaped ears. Add some detailing and definition to the coat and ears like so, and then move along.


You will finish off the first wolf by sketching out the back of the neck, and the front part of the neck. Notice the lining for under the wolf's neck is pointed. This is to convey the long coat that wolves have. Sketch in some detailing on the fur an   


Almost done guys, your getting there. This is where you will begin drawing out the second wolf, and you will start the step the same way you did the second. Sketch out the lining for the top of the wolf's head and then form the snout and bottom jaw.    


Draw in the eye the same way you did the first wolf's eye, and then sketch in the long fur for the wolfs cheek. Add some light detailing for the brow as well.


For the last step all that is needed is the creation of the chin and neck, and then draw in the ears and some of the back part of the head. Sketch in all the detailing for the fur and then begin erasing your mistakes you made along the way, as well a   


Th wolves in love should come out looking like the line art you see here. You are now ready to start coloring in your work to really have fun and finish the drawing off.

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October 14, 2011

Description: Halloween is getting closer and closer and because of that I will continue to upload some cool Halloween related stuff. Even though there is going to be lessons on seasonal themed objects and characters, I will still sneak in a cool drawing or two that is not related to Halloween. To start, how about I go ahead and kick things off with a loving bang. This first submission is going to be called "how to draw wolf love", step by step. I was brain storming on what else I could draw that people would enjoy, and signifies love. I already did two dragons forming a heart, so what other animal is there that folks are fanatic about? Yup, you guessed it, the wolf. I had so much fun with this sketch and I want to thank the person that made the request for such a tutorial. Someone asked me if I could draw wolf love while I was drawing live. When I was brain storming on what else to do for tutorials, the wolf love idea came to my head. The black wolf is supposed to represent my German Shepherd. He is all black, and his name is Bear. He is such a cool dog and I am so glad that he is a part of my family. The older he grows, the bigger he gets it is so strange. He is literally like a horse now, and I can remember last winter, I actually taught him how to howl. Anyways, have fun with drawing wolf love and I will be back soon. Peace out and enjoy!

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