How to Draw Toto, Toto, Wizard of Oz

Artist: Dawn / December 17, 2011

Step 1.

Toto is going to be easy to draw so hang on to your butts. Begin by making a series of shapes like you see here. They are going to be for the head, snout, and body. Add a neck line and then draw in the facial guide.

Step 2.

Using the guides you drew in step one, begin sketching out the long bushy coat that makes up the shape of the head and snout. Cairn terriers are long haired animals, and their coat usually covers their eyes, and their snouts look more like oversized    

Step 3.

Finish up Toto's face by sketching out the chin, draw the mouth line, and then draw in the ears which are in a pulled back pose. Next, draw and color in the eyes, draw the nose and sketch in all the long hair on Toto's face.

Step 4.

Using the body shapes that you drew in step one, begin sketching out the actual outline of Toto's body. The lining should be long, shaggy, and or messy.

Step 5.

Believe it or not, but this is the last drawing step. All you have to do now is draw all four legs and paws like so, and notice how the toes are well formed. Sketch in the shot but hairy tail, and when you draw out the rest of the body you have to ma   

Step 6.

Here is Toto when you are all done. You can do like I did and draw him standing on the Yellow Brick Road, or you can draw a picnic basket next to him.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: As you may know by now there is a new movie coming out called Dorothy of Oz and so far I have done a lesson on Dorothy. I’m not sure whether or not Toto will be in the movie, but just in case he is I want to fill a request that happened to be a good idea. "How to draw Toto", step by step and believe me you will definitely have fun recreating this little pooch the loves to smooch. For a while I thought Toto was the same type of dog Benji was, but I later found out that the dog that played Benji was in fact a mixed breed canine. Toto on the other hand happens to be a Cairn terrier and as you know these dogs are considered to be lap dogs because they are so small. They are amongst the toy breed standards and there is also no denying that Toto has set the groundwork for one of the world’s most popular dog breeds. Even though Cairn terriers are not commonly seen where I live, I’m sure there is plenty owners that enjoy the companionship of these bright, cheerful, and energetic dogs. As for Toto, I know you will have fun as you follow the Yellow Brick Road to drawing completion. You will have a blast as you begin drawing Toto of your own. I shall return so keep the eyeballs on the screen. Adios and remember, there is no place like home.