How to Draw Bloodspill, Blackblood Alliance

Artist: sabertoothwolf / December 23, 2011

Step 1.

Yay for heads! XD As with every tutorial that involves drawing an animal, you start with a circle and put lines in them indicating the way they are facing and where the eyes are situated. Draw her circle to the left of the page and draw a slightly cu   

Step 2.

Now for her ears and face fluff. Bloodspill is especialy pointy. Start drawing her spikes about 1/5 down her face and finish drawing them just above half way, which is where her ear starts. Her ear ends nearly at the top of the circle, ut there is a    

Step 3.

Now for her mouth :D It's opened really wider. Start drawing it near the begining of the spikes, leave a little gap between them though :3 Draw her bottom draw in a gentle downward slope. Her bottom lip is thick and over hangs her bottom jaw. Now dra   

Step 4.

Now lets draw her teeth and other mouthy details. Her nose is a soft triangle, and her snarl lines are just curves coming from it. her fangs are triangles with curved tops. hyer tongue is just a gentle curve. For her cheeks, draw two curved lines fro   

Step 5.

Now for further face details and her eye. Place her eye where you drew your vertical guide. draw a curved tick for her eyebrow and a frown line on the left of it. Obviously, the left side of her face is also frowning. Draw a kinda long, curved triang   

Step 6.

Now, before we can continue we need to draw some guides for her torso and hips, and draw lines connecting them from the tops of one circle to the top of the others, and do the same with the bottom of the circles.

Step 7.

Now just draw her spikes from her head to half way across her torso circle :D

Step 8.

And now for further guide lines! :D These are for her tail and legs. Just copy exactly what I drew on this step and your legs should be in the right place :)

Step 9.

Now draw her legs. Her leg closer to us has five spikes on it on her elbow :D Just draw gentle curves to fill in her legs for her toes draw sqaures with triangles for her claws.

Step 10.

Now for her further torso detail. Draw a rope around her neck, and draw spikes covering some parts. Draw three spikes near her leg. now we're going to draw her body up to her hips. Draw spikes on her upper body but not on her underbelly.

Step 11.

We're going to draw her back legs The one closest to us has spikes on her knee. Draw her toes and claws like you did when drawing the toes and claws on her front legs. now draw three spikes on the top of her hip guide circle and three spikes on her b   

Step 12.

Now for her tail. Draw three spikes underneath her tail and one on top. Draw four spikes on the tip of her tail.

Step 13.

now just draw some extra fur details, as shown in this step :P

Step 14.

If you're drawing in black and white just draw this step in black :P If you're drawing in colour follow the lines :P

Step 15.

And hopefully your drawing should look like this :D Again, if it doesn't turn out exactly like this, don't be disheartened because these wolves can be hard to draw if you're not used to it :P Hope this helped! :D

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Artist: sabertoothwolf
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Description: Hello! I'm back with another Blackblood Alliance tutorial requested by Dizzy_Duckie ages ago, I never got the time to do it until now ^_^ This time I'm teaching you how to draw Bloodspill (If you haven't read the Blackblood Alliance, I recomend it) Bloodspill's pretty awesome :D I used to do this tutorial because the line tools on their are realy nneat, but I coloured it in Photoshop. It doesn;t really matter what you use to do this, anything traditional or digital will do. Again like the last one I did a colour guide, but if you want to colour it specificaly digigtaly just copy the cover image into the program you're using and colour pick it. Anyway hope this helps :)