Anime wolf drawing tutorial

Artist: minun_pokemon / April 9, 2013

Step 1.

Very first,of all! You will first draw the muzzle for Satomi,which is almost a rectangle,minus one side.

Step 2.

Now you will drawthe fur on her chest.

Step 3.

Next you will draw part of Satomi's front leg.

Step 4.

After that you will draw the rest of Satomi's front leg,and paw,and don't foget to start on Satomi's stomach,which is a partially curved line. :)

Step 5.

Now you will draw in her back left leg and paw, and the spikes that come off of the top of it,which is fur that is sticking out.

Step 6.

After that,you will draw in Satomi's other back leg,that is mostly covered vy her other hind leg. (:

Step 7.

Next you will draw Satomi's right front leg and paw,which is not covered,obviously (Jk) :)

Step 8.

After that you will start to draw part of Satomi's tail,note that it is choppy,and vibrant,not flat and lifeless. also add in Satomi's back,or atleast the part of it that is visible.

Step 9.

Okay,time to get moving,Now you will draw in the rest of Satomi's head. Otice the ears are perked up,not slanted.

Step 10.

Next you will draw Satomi's (tribal) markings, they cover almost all of her body,and are different colours. On her paws,there is a down slanted line,representing where her actual paw starts. For the markings on Satomi's face,make sure to leave room f   

Step 11.

Now you will draw the markings on Satomi's fore legs,make sure that they curve in,or they won't look right,(for the front legs) and on her hind legs, make the curve facing forward,towards her front.

Step 12.

After that you will draw in Satomi's facial features,notice that her eyes are a really stretched out oval,and that her iris's are facing almost towards the back. Notice how she is smling,make sure to make the ends or her lips curve upward,to show tha   

Step 13.

Last but not least,you add in the colour! Feel free to use any colours of your choice,I only used this colour scheme because that was they way I had desined her on my draft. :) Enjoy,you have just learned how to draw ,y anime wolf Satomi Kazume Hirom   

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Artist: minun_pokemon
Date Added: April 9, 2013
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Tags: how to draw wolves, draw anime animals
Description: Here is an anime wolf character that I made up a while back,her name is, Satomi Kazumi Hiromi, Welp,to sum it up,hope you enjoy it :D