How to Draw a Gray Wolf, Timber Wolf


Let's get started shall we? Start by drawing a circle for the head guide, then another bean like shape for the body guide. Connect the two by making the neck, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the legs and paw guides.


The first part of the body that we will tackle is the head. Sketch out the long coated, fur covered head shape. The sides of the head which are the cheeks should be long. Draw the ears, and top of the head as well.


Using the facial guidelines draw in the face starting with the piercing eyes. Sketch in the detailing around the eyes, as well as down the bridge part of the nose. Next, draw the nose, mouth and chin of the wolf. When that is done you can draw in the   


All you have to do here is gently sketch in all the fluffy detailing that will define the wolf's face. Be sure to sketch in the hair inside the ears, then draw in the detailing on the neck.


Now we will draw out the body. Start by sketching out the back part of the head or neck like so, then sketch in the thick fluffy coat of the chest. To make the neck look "meaty" add the detailing crease likes the not only add mass to the wolf's chest   


Continue to work on getting the rest of the body drawn out. This includes the stomach, chest, and all three legs. Sketch in only one paw and make sure the toes are nicely arched. Sketch in the dew claw on the front paws or ankles only, then add detai   


All you have to do here is draw out the last and fourth leg, followed by the paw. Again, detail the back part of the leg to show the long fluff.


Now you will draw in the thick fluffy tail, and when you do so make sure that the tail curls up at the end a bit. Detail the wolf's coat, then move to the next step.


Lastly, draw in your rocky terrain or ground like so, and add some detailing throughout. Erase all the mistakes then you're done.


Here it is, a beautiful wolf that is ready to color in. Don't forget to make a wonderful background as well.

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March 30, 2013

Description: Happy Easter everyone, or to those of you that celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. I know a lot of you will be at church later, then again some of you already went to mass this morning. I love the magical vibes that Easter gives off and because of that I think this lesson fits well with the holy holiday. I drew this wolf in livestream and I have to say, it was so much fun. I have been wanting to make a lesson that resembles the native american t-shirts that I wear. The purple hues and magical look of the finished drawing is so captivating and soft. This tutorial will show you "how to draw a gray wolf", step by step. There is nothing more for me to say because I really want you to get busy with making your own mystical looking wolf. Of course you don't have to start the lesson now, you can wait till Easter is over or when your company leaves, or when you get home. Peace out folks, and enjoy your holy holiday.

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