How to Draw an Angel Girl

Artist: Dawn / May 29, 2020

Step 1. Guidelines

Start off with the guidelines for the angel girl.

Step 2. Hair Shape

Go ahead and tackle the head and the long flowy hair that flows with the current of the lake.

Step 3. Facial Features

Add some sludge dripping from her forehead and face and onto the skull guidelines.

Step 4. Body Shape

Go ahead and draw the ribs and the skull.

Step 5. Water Lines

Then, lightly sketch the ripples in the water.

Step 6. Wing Shapes

Go ahead and draw the wings, starting whichever one you feel confident drawing first. I personally started with the angel wing and then the dragon wing.

Step 7. Water Ripples

Then, carefully draw the ripples around the figure coming out from the water.

Step 8. Final Line Art

Once you've completed everything, you should end up with this. Whew, that was a fun challenging tut!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 29, 2020
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Description: Hey guys. I know this lesson has been sitting in my edit folder for such a long time. I just wasn't sure what to call it because it is such a personal piece that naming it is very complicated. In the end I decided to title this lesson, how to draw an angel girl, step by step. What is special about this angel is how bad she struggles with being both good and bad. She will often make the wrong decisions and when she does she is scolded internally leaving her feeling shamed and unloyal to her God. I love how the overall drawing came out and I'm sure many of you artists out there that love drawing angels will enjoy this lesson too. If you liked it please let me know with a comment. Thanks for joining me with this lesson on drawing an angel girl.