How to Draw an Ankh, Ankh

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Make a simple skinny looking cross with regular pen or penciled lines.


Using the just the top line for this step, you will begin sketching out the loop part of the symbol. The flaming or burning design I chose is just an idea, but you can alter the lining if you like. Make a simple loop and move to step three.


The only thing you have to do here is draw in the graffiti S like lettering. Once you're done move to step four.


Start this step by drawing two straight arms for the crossbar, and then sketch in the flaming design incorporated with the same stroke. Sketch in some of the base or path like so, and move to step five.


Finish sketching out the Ankh by finishing the base or path. Be sure to use the same design pattern that you drew through out the cross. If you mismatch the pattern it may come out looking a little off. It is very important to keep a uniform pattern    


Once your done cleaning up the sketch you just created, you should have a drawing like the one you see here. As you can see you have a beautiful drawing of an Ankh.

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November 11, 2011

Description: As I scoured through the web to look for a particular symbol that I couldn’t figure out the name for, I finally came upon the cross like design that I wanted to make a lesson out of. Every once in a while I will feel compelled to submit ideas I think people would like. Today I am going to be showing you an awesome way to "draw an Ankh", step by step. What I like about the Ankh is how there is so many different stories and beliefs as to what this symbol stands for. We know that it was definitely originated by the ancient Egyptians, but the only thing that was and still is unclear, is what exactly the symbol represents. Out of all the meanings provided, my favorite is the one where the loop is supposed to be the sunrise and the horizontal bar that the loop is connected to is the horizon. The vertical part of the symbol is supposed to be the path to, or from the sun. This meaning to me is the brightest. I interpret the meaning as a new beginning with each rising day and every day that passes is the path behind us. If you look closely the vertical part of the cross widens the way down. I wanted to make a really cool concept for the Ankh, and after thinking long and hard, I chose something that wasn’t too kiddie or pendant like. Instead I created a concept for the Ankh as a tattoo drawn style. Hopefully you guys take to this drawing lesson the same way you did with the devil girl. I will be back in a few so hang in there guys there is more drawing fun on the way. Peace people and enjoy!

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