How to Draw an African Grey, African Grey Parrot

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As you can see, you will be drawing an African Grey parrot. The first thing you need to do is make two circle shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. Connect the two with the neck guide, and move to step two.


Now that your guide shapes are drawn in, you can start sketching out the actual parrot's head and neck. Start at the top, and slowly sketch out the head, and claw shaped beak and mandible. The lining should be a little fluffy for the feather texture.   


Before sketching out more of the parrot's body, draw in the eye, and color in the pupil. Next, color in a nose hole and then sketch in some detailing around the lining of the outer parts of the beak. Add definition to the beak, and then to the neck.    


Next, draw the wing like so, and then draw the rest of the bird's body which is the stomach and other leg. Of course you only drew in the thighs, the lower part of the legs is in the next step. Don't forget top sketch in the fluffy feathery fluff.


Almost done guys, so here we go. Draw the other wing, and then draw the African Grey parrot's tail. Sketch in some feathers on the wings and tail like so, and then draw the feet, toes, and claws or nails.


Lastly, draw the twisted branch that this pet bird is standing on. Don't forget to add detailing to the branch as well as draw a small bloom at the end. Erase your mistakes and guides to prepare this drawing for color.


Here you have a finished drawing of the African Grey parrot. Color it in using the same color scheme I used, or you can do it on your own.

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February 26, 2012

Description: How many of you have always wanted a bird that can be taught how to talk just like a human or close to it? Well, today I will be giving you a lesson on one of my favorite bird species and it's not because they are popular. This parrot is what I call the best all around big parrot breed anyone could, and should own. Up next, I will show you "how to draw an African Grey", step by step. I know almost all of you have seen a picture of these birds before and some of you probably didn't know the species name was until now. I have been doing a little research on what types of birds or parrots are trainable to mimic the human language. To my surprise, the African Grey parrot seems to be the best bird to train to mimic human speech. This is mainly due to their high intelligence, and their capability to be great human companions. History shows that back four thousand years ago, these pretty birds have been kept as pets for Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, the English, and even Portuguese sailors enjoyed the Grey's for their pets. There are two types of African Grey parrots, there is the larger breed called the 'Congo African Grey' which grow to be about a foot or twelve inches. They have light gray feathers, black beaks, and red tails. The other is the 'Timneh Grey parrot', and these birds are smaller in size, have a maroon colored tail, charcoal colored beaks, and light colored mandibles. The one that is in this lesson is the Congo Grey, and I choose this one because it is the prettiest, or at least to me. I think I mentioned before that I love drawing birds, so yo might see a lot more of these tutorials from me in the future. For now, enjoy drawing an African Grey, and be sure to leave a rating, comment or both. I have one more lesson on the way so stay tuned in one last time to see what it is. Peace out people!

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