How to Draw Alice, American McGee


The first thing you will do here in this first step, is draw out the guides and shapes for Alice. Begin with an oval shape for her head, and then draw out the outline of a body in the form of a dress. Add one arm line and face guides.


Thicken the lining you drew in step one to shape out her face, and then add the eyelids, and then her parted hair bangs.


This dark version of Alice is very creepy, and emotionless. Finish drawing out her shoulder length straight hair, and then finish drawing out her eyes, eyeballs, nose, and mouth. Don't forget the eyebrows, and then move to step four.


The shape you drew for her dress needs to be thickened. Once that is done you can line the bottom of her dress with ruffles. Don't forget to sketch out the shape of the neck.


You will now draw out the puffed up sleeves that sort of look like balls. When that is done, draw some of the arms, and then draw in the collar line for the top of the dress, and then draw in her necklace. Don't forget to detail those sleeves with so   


Well guys you are nearing the end of this tutorial. What you need to do now is draw out her skinny arms, and then draw in her hands. The left hand is holding a knife, but you will add that in the next step.


You can draw out the knife or blade and then draw out her apron. Sketch out the pockets, and then add the markings that are on each pocket.


For the last drawing step, all you have to do is draw out her legs but they are in the form of Gothic style boots. Make the thick soles, and then move to step nine after you have erased the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what she looks like when you are all done. Use some dark shades where applicable, and then you are ready to color her in. I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing Alice.

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June 28, 2011

Description: You all enjoyed the lesson I submitted on the emaciated cat from the Alice in Wonderland game series called American McGee’s Alice. The game picks up where the previous ‘Alice: madness Returns’ left off. This tutorial is going to be on "how to draw Alice", and she is the main protagonist of the game. Her appearance is much different from what she used to look like, and this is due to the fact that Alice has went through a very traumatic experience losing her family and house. She is committed to an insane asylum where she spends her days living in guilt because she feels that she shouldn’t have survived if her family was gone. Alice is so messed up, she even tried committing suicide because she couldn’t deal with the pain of not having her mother, father, and older sister Lizzie by her side anymore. After ten years in the asylum, a familiar friend came to visit her. It was the White Rabbit, and he came to beg for her help and come back to Wonderland to overthrow the evil Queen of Hearts. In the game Alice uses a knife like weapon called a ‘Vorpal Blade’, and with it she fends for herself as she moves through the stages of taking out the Queen. Everyone in Wonderland is deformed from head to toe, including her friend Cheshire Cat. It is up to her to restore Wonderland to the place it was before, but in the process of her feat, she starts to see brighter days ahead. I have never played the game yet, but from the story I can definitely tell that it’s going to be fun without a doubt. Have fun guys with this tutorial on drawing Alice in her dark form from the game American McGee’s Alice.

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