How to Draw a Zombie Minion


You will begin by drawing a half egg shape for the head and then draw in the bite mark on the bottom.


Next, draw in the Minion's glasses the same way you would if you where drawing this Minion normally. Once that is done sketch in the outline for the mouth which is missing some lips.


Turn that simple lining of the glasses into the frame. Draw in the shapes of the eyes with slanted lids, then draw the small pieces of glass wedges around the inside of the eye glass frame.


You will now draw the marks all over the face. This is supposed to be rotting areas of the skin from decay. You can draw these spots anywhere, or you can copy what you see here. Add some fuzz on top of the head as well.


Draw the Minion's shirt collar flaps as well as the collar lining. Once that is done draw a rip or a tear in the shirt right where the bite is. Add detailing to create a muscle tissue texture.


Draw the sleeves for the arms, then sketch out the shape of the Minion's body. Add the straps for the overalls, then move to step seven.


We will finish drawing a zombie Minion by drawing the nubs of the arms with the exposed arm bone, then draw the legs and small feet. Make sure the lining for the pants have a rugged edge. Erase those mistakes and then you are all done.


Here is what your zombie Minion looks like when you have completed the task. Color in the zombie and have fun with it. You should also show somebody what you just made.

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October 28, 2013

Description: Halloween is a few days away and I have some cool zombie lessons that I think a lot of you will have fun with. To start the day I will be showing you "how to draw a zombie minion", step by step from Despicable Me. I was actually asked to make this lesson and I knew instantly that it would be fun transforming one of Gru's minions into a zombie. I tried leaving the lesson easy to follow so everyone can enjoy the tutorial so hopefully I was successful with that. If there is other characters that you would like to see as zombies, just let me know because I have a blast creating them. Enjoy people and remember to comment or fav, peace.

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