How to Draw a Christmas Minion


Start by drawing the complete body shape which is the look of a coffee bean. Add the face and body guidelines.


Here you will draw the sides of the face and then the lid line for the Santa hat.


Up next, draw the goggles and add the strap on the sides which is the part of the goggles that strap around the head.


Almost done with the hat. Just finish it off by drawing the lid and rest of hat. It's a Santa hat so that is what you have to draw.


Next, make the frames for the goggles and draw in the eyes.


Add the big smile and draw two rounded front teeth.


You will complete the body shape by adding the rest of the body lining. Draw the arms and hands as well as the tie for the bag over the shoulder.


It's time to draw in the clothes. In this case it's overalls or farmer jeans. Add the buttons for the straps and then draw in a front pocket.


Draw and color in the emblem on the front of the pocket and then you are done here.


Lastly, draw the tiny legs and small feet which are in the form of shoes. When that is done you can add the lining to form a Santa bag. Add some dimples and creases on the bag, then erase your mistakes.


The line art should look like this drawing. Color in your Christmas Minion before you show off your art. Good work folks.

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November 16, 2014

Description: It's almost Christmas time so you know what that means. We need a lesson on "how to draw a Christmas Minion", step by step. These lovable little devils have it all; looks, personality, and humor. When you tackle this tut remember that you can customize your Christmas Minion to look like anything you want. You can have it with three eyes or just one, hair or without hair, glasses or goggles, and with a Santa suit or without. I guess that's all I have to say. I just really want to get this lesson on drawing a Christmas Minion uploaded so let me shut up so I can finish my task.

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