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Water Dragon Head

Artist: sakhmet99 / August 12, 2013
Water Dragon Head

Step 1.

Draw the base outline of the head.

Step 2.

Add the fins to the top of the head and draw the neck.

Step 3.

Draw the eye, add the armor plates on its neck, and add the stripes. NOTE: I have used many designs on this type of dragon, so always use you imagination on ways to change this dragon!

Step 4.

Shading (optional). I did some shading around the eye, the fins, and the armor plates.

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Artist: sakhmet99
Date Added: August 12, 2013
Steps: 4
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Tags: draw dragons
Description: If you like easy to draw dragons, then you will enjoy this water dragon tutorial! I just used a regular Ticonderoga brand pencil to make this sketch.