Gir and pound cake

Artist: DragonMaster2000 / August 11, 2013

Step 1.

Ok the first thing you need to do is creat the shape of the top of gir's head, which is easy to make ( use the drawing to help you, by the way my photo's usually come out side ways for some reason, so don't actually copy the photo in the same positio   

Step 2.

Next you will make a large backwards C ( on the right) to make it seem like a big cheek. Once you do that you will make a large O shaped eye on the left side of gir's face and make sure to make a very tiny pupil. After that you will make the right ey   

Step 3.

Next is to make the dotted lines, nose and ears on gir's puppy costume. The dotted lines are simple, the nose is basically a small upside down triangle and the ears are two medium sized right triangles ( that are also upside down)

Step 4.

This next step will be easy, because all you have to do is make a arm and a piece of cake ( literally lol) the arm is basically a medium sized U that looks like it would be coming out of girs cheek and the cake is a rectangle shape that will be going   

Step 5.

This will be the last step, now all you need to do is, first creat a zipper and it will actually be in half. The reason why is, because next you will be making a cake that is pressed up against gir. Once you do that you will make a fat round-ish body   

Step 6.

This is an additional step, where I show u the colors and where they go, you need green, black, pink and blue and you can use the photo so you know where to put them :)

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Artist: DragonMaster2000
Date Added: August 11, 2013
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Description: This is a tutorial on where you can learn how to draw gir while eating a cake. This is the adorable character from invader Zim, a show on nickelodeon. So hopefully you like this tutorial if you do post a comment or favorite it, if you have any request please tell me on my profile :)