How to draw a wyvern

Artist: Cmilodonka / March 2, 2013

Step 1.

Lets draw some guidelines. Start with an ellipse for head, then draw curved line for neck, connect it with a circle for a chest, continue with shoulder and forearm line. Draw a long phalanx for a wing. Then draw ellipses and fingers for legs. At the    

Step 2.

Draw some details for head and neck.

Step 3.

Now, lets draw arms. Notice that phalanxes narrows near the bones.

Step 4.

Finish the rest of phalanxes and draw a wing membrane. Don’t forget about some wrinkles.

Step 5.

Draw a big fin on the neck and second wing’s membrane.

Step 6.

Time to draw some details for feet. Each has four fingers, and don’t forget about claws!

Step 7.

Finally, lets erase useless guidelines and draw eye and the rest of head details. Add a long line to the neck.

Step 8.

Erase, erase and erase useless stuff. Add some muscles, additional wrinkles and claws to the wing. Draw lines at the shoulder and forearm to show bones.

Step 9.

Now draw details for legs and add some lines to the tail – it’s going to be another fin.

Step 10.

It’s shading time! Add some shadows and draw the rest of a tail’s fin.

Step 11.

Smudge this stuff. You’re done!

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Artist: Cmilodonka
Date Added: March 2, 2013
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Tags: draw dragons, dragon drawing, how to draw wyverns, dragon drawings
Description: Well, I’ve finally decided to make some dragon tutorials. There are three basic types of dragons: wyvern, four-legged and two-legged. In spite of all minuses, I hope that this wyvern tutorial will be quite easy to draw.