How To Draw Chinese Dragon Lines


Start with some basic shapes. A circle for the head, a line going down the dragon to act as its spine. Then circles for its forearms, elbows, knees and hand and feet.


I accidentally deleted the previous step :/ Add some facial details like the horns, eyes, mouth and the outline of the toes. Then draw in the toes and claws. Also draw in the rest of the body. IMPORTANT: If you're going to colour the dragon in   


Add more details to the face like teeth tongue and cheek fur. Add the spine spike things, tail flame things and also flame things on the tail. Add the underbelly scales too.


How with the base lines done you can start colouring! I use the colours red, orange, brown and purple in this picture. Do the outline of the nose and top of the head in red, horns in brown, tongue in purple. Outline the spine spikes and outline whe   


Outline the face fur in orange, colour in the outside of the eye then colour the eye red. In the original picture I used yellow feet and underbelly but I had to change it to orange. draw in the underbelly and the hands and feet.


Colour in the back spikes and tail fur flames thing, colour in the claws too. Dont colour in the elbow flame fur stuff though, keep that as it is.


Draw in the scales! The original image has smaller scales but i did them larger to save time.


Draw in the clouds, dont colour them in, just outline them.


Draw in the waves in blue at the bottom. Also draw a red and orange flame just above the tail.

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February 12, 2013

Description: Requested by Kawaii_cute ^_^ The image quality is awful because I dont have a scanner :/ 3:

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