How To Draw A Wookie, Star Wars Wookie


Before we actually draw a Wookie, let's get a basic understanding of their physical features. A Wookie has the same body type as an average human, except they are taller and covered with long fur.


A Wookie's face is also unique in that Wookies have dog-like noses and long, sharp canine teeth. Their eyes are the same as a humans, however. The fir on their face starts at their nose and swoops back around their face. The hair on the rest of the b   


So let's start our Wookie. Using a 2H or harder pencil, lightly sketch in your guide lines as seen here. These lines don't have to be perfect, since we will erase them later. They are just construction guides. The Wookie is going to be holding a larg   


Next, we should sketch out the basic form of the Wookie without fur. Here, the figure should simply look like a human figure. By doing this, it will ensure that the figure will be proportionate and look natural.


Now that our guides lines are all sketched out let's work on the face. Remember that Wookies have human eyes, a dog nose, and long canine teeth. He can be bearing his teeth some as if growling.


Start applying the fur. Start at the nose and let it stoop around the face on all sides, with the fur on the lower portion of the head drooping down onto the chest. If you are unsure about how much fur to apply, a general rule of thumb is that it is    


Let's work our way down the body by drawing the arms. Wookies have broad shoulders and long arms. The fur on the bottom of the forearm is some of the longest fur on the body and should hang very far. The left hand is covered by fur, but the right han   


The right hand should be gripping the base of the gun (which we will draw in the next step). A Wookies hand is the same as a human hand, but dark skinned.


Draw whatever kind of gun you wish. Here, I am using Chewbacca's crossbow-like rifle. Just make sure that the base of the gun is resting in the hands.


Add additional details however you wish. Armor, light clothing, additional weapons, etc. Here, I applied a leather supply sash and waist pouch.


Sketch in more fur to the torso area. Add as much as you wish, but make sure the strands always hang vertically with gravity while having a slight wavy quality to them, as opposed to being perfectly straight.


Draw the fur on the legs. The fur on top of the feet should drape over the feet and then splay out on the ground in all direction because it is so long.


Now that your image is drawn in pencil, now is a good time to ink. You can use a Micron marker if you wish, but a brush and ink would work best here. A bush is perfect for feathering the fur. Carefully go over each line with patience. Feel free to ad   


It is a good idea to add shadow to the image. Shading it with black ink will add a greater sense of depth. Establish your light source, in this case it is coming from the upper right, and shade the opposite side of the body and gun. Feather the edges   


If you need to make corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to feather additional fur into the shadows. At this point, you should be done! Congrats, you now know how to draw a Wookie. May the force be with you!

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March 30, 2013

Description: A step by step guide on how to draw Wookies in a comic book style.

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