How To Draw An Ewok, Ewoks

Artist: MichaelY / April 11, 2013

Step 1.

To draw an Ewok, use a 2H or harder pencil and lightly sketch in your guide lines as seen here. These lines don't have to be perfect, since we will erase them later. They are just construction guides. The Ewok is going to be holding a spear, so sketc   

Step 2.

Next, we should sketch out the basic form of the Ewok without fur. The figure should simply look like a short, somewhat chubby person with an especially large head. By doing this, it will ensure that the figure will be proportionate and look natural.

Step 3.

Now that our guide lines are in place, let's begin working on the face. Ewoks have very large, rounded eyes. The pupil and iris of their eyes are large and dark enough to make their eyes appear virtually black when looking straight ahead. Ewoks are l   

Step 4.

We can now start adding fur to the face. Ewoks have thick fur covering almost their entire body. The fur is a few inches long and starts in the center of the face and is brushed back from there.

Step 5.

Our Ewok can be wearing a leather cowl over his head. Be sure to draw the edge of the head opening. The top of the cowl can have a tightening string. The bottom of the cowl should hang down the front of the body and have a few large folds in it.

Step 6.

Add the ears to the top of the head. They should look just like teddy bear ears and be nice and fluffy.

Step 7.

Making our way down the body, let's draw the arms and hands. The right arm should be pointing downwards, and the left arm should be bent. We should not see much, if any, of the left upper arm. Keep in mind that the arms should be covered in thick fur   

Step 8.

Now draw the lower torso and left leg. Remember that Ewoks look slightly cubby when you draw the body. The left leg should be so thick with fur that we should not be able to see the exact location of the knee. The left leg should be sticking out towa   

Step 9.

Finish the left leg by drawing the foot. Ewok's feet are similar to human feet, but larger in comparison to the size of the bodies. Like the arms, the leg fur ends at the toe knuckles. Be sure to draw little toenails on each toe.

Step 10.

Now draw the right leg, which should be trailing behind the body. It should be slightly bent.

Step 11.

If you wish, take this time to go back to the figure and add in additional tuffs of fur. Add as much or as little as you'd like. Several small tuffs of fur can easily suggest a larger quantity of fur.

Step 12.

Let's draw his spear. It should be held in both hands. Ewoks live in the woods and have primitive technology, so make the spear look handmade. Do not use a ruler to draw the stick. Just draw as straight as you can free hand. You can even add a small    

Step 13.

Now that your image is drawn in pencil, now is a good time to ink. You can use a Micron marker if you wish, but a brush and ink would work best here. A bush is perfect for feathering the fur. Carefully go over each line with patience. Feel free to ad   

Step 14.

It is a good idea to add shadow to the image. Shading it with black ink will add a greater sense of depth. Establish your light source, in this case it is coming from the upper right, and shade the opposite side of the body. Feather the edges of your   

Step 15.

If you need to make corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to feather additional fur into the shadows. And that is how you draw an Ewok! May the force be with you in your travels to Endor!

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