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How to Draw Cabbage Patch Kids, Cabbage Patch Kids

Artist: MichaelY / April 1, 2013
How to Draw Cabbage Patch Kids, Cabbage Patch Kids

Step 1.

Cabbage Patch Kids are known for their variety. The come in countless different skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, and outfits. Here are just a few examples of what you may be interested in drawing. Notice, also, how they have large, melon-like he   

Step 2.

Let's draw a girl doll. To draw a Cabbage Patch Kid, use a 2H or harder pencil to first sketch in some basic guide lines. Start with the large, slightly oval shaped head, and then sketch in an oval shaped body. These lines do not have to be perfect,    

Step 3.

Now let's draw the face. Notice how small the facial features are in relation to the size of the head. Draw the eyes almost perfectly round. They eyes should be in the middle of the head and roughly one eye width apart from one another. The tiny nose   

Step 4.

We can begin adding hair at this point, but not all of it. Our doll will have long, wavy hair that falls down her back, but for now, let's just draw her bangs. The direction of the bangs start at the top, center point of the head and fall down the sc   

Step 5.

Next, let's draw the arms and hands. These dolls have pudgy arms and hands. Their fingers are attached to one another, but their thumbs stick out (it sort of looks like they are forever giving a "thumbs up"). We can make the drawing more interesting    

Step 6.

Let's have the doll wearing a dress with a shirt underneath. To make things more interesting, the straps of the dress can be pieces of colorful rope that drape over the shoulders. You will have to erase the shoulders from step 5 in order to draw the    

Step 7.

We can now revisit the hair and draw the long strands handing down the back. Make the bottom of the hair curl upward, rather than fall straight down. This makes it look more youthful and pretty.

Step 8.

When drawing the legs, it might be fun to have one leg sticking out towards us slightly, as if she's taking a step forward. Remember that, like the hands, the legs are pudgy. Give the doll a pair of slip on shoes, and be sure that the feet are also a   

Step 9.

Let's go back to the dress and add a pattern to it. Be creative and give it any pattern you wish. In this case, I applied a simple floral pattern of daisies.

Step 10.

Finally, you can ink the image using Micron markers. Be patient and make sure not to accidentally erase over any unneeded guide lines. When you are done inking, erase your pencil marks with a kneaded eraser. You can make any needed corrections with    

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