How To Draw the Rebel Alliance Starbird from Star Wars, Starbird Symbol


To draw the Starbird symbol, as used by the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars, it's best to first draw guide lines, since the symbol is perfectly symmetrical. Using a Ruler and a pencil, lightly draw a vertical guide line down the very center of your page.   


Next, us a compass or circular template to draw a large perfect circle. Make sure that it is centered to the guide lines we made in step 1.


The Starbird has a triangle-like shape at the top. The triangle should be wide at the bottom and the very tip should poke outside of the circle just barely.


Now get out your eraser. You will need to carefully erase the bottom line of your triangle. Then, erase two small notches, one on either side of the triangle. Then draw curved "V" shapes on the inside of your triangle pointing downwards. The opening    


Here's the tricky part. Erase the mid section of the top part of your circle. You now have to draw teardrop-like shapes that start from the bottom corners of your triangle shape, and curve their way down and then back up to the points of your circle.   


Next, carefully ink your image using Micron markers or Prismacolors. Use red ink if you have it, since the Starbird is known for being solid red. After the ink has full dried, erase your pencil lines with a kneaded eraser.


Finally, fill in your image with red ink or a red marker. You have now completed your Starbird! May the force be with you…

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March 28, 2013

Description: A step by step demonstration on how to draw the Starbrid symbol, used by the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.

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