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How To Draw An AT ST Chicken Walker, Chicken Walker

Artist: MichaelY / March 30, 2013
How To Draw An AT ST Chicken Walker, Chicken Walker

Step 1.

To draw an AT ST from Star Wars, we should first lay down some basic guide lines. Using a 2H or harder pencil, lightly sketch in your guide lines as seen here. These lines don't have to be perfect, since we will erase them later. The head (cockpit) s   

Step 2.

You will need the help of a ruler from here on out. To draw the cockpit, imagine a cube that has been squished on both sides and has a wedge taken out of the lower back corner. The back and top of the cube are slightly rounded. The front, bottom sect   

Step 3.

Add more details to the cockpit such as panels, two windows with open flaps, a circular mount on the side for the cannons, and support rails on the top.

Step 4.

There is a double barreled blaster housed in the front lower wedge of the cockpit. Both sides of the cockpit have additional weaponry - the right side should have a couple of cannons and missiles, and the left side should have a mini-gun which is mos   

Step 5.

The waist of the AT ST features complex machinery and panels. Be sure to draw a portion of the disk that connects the cockpit to the waist. Also draw short, thick axles protruding from the waits that will attach to the legs.

Step 6.

The upper legs are shorter, yet thicker than the lower legs. They mount to the waist axles and point back, where the attach to a disk joint. The front end of the upper legs should have protective panels.

Step 7.

The lower legs are long and skinny in comparison to the upper legs. They attach to the disk joint and point slightly forward. The bottoms should have smaller disks that will mount to the feet.

Step 8.

The feet should have a wide stance for balance. They are attached to the lower legs by a post and a disk which connects to the feet. Notice how the feet have a large partial dome-like shape to them with two small toes sticking out of the front. The t   

Step 9.

Now would be a good point to ink our image. Use a Micron marker or Copic Multiliner to ink the image with the help of a ruler. Be patient and be careful not to accidentally ink any unneeded guide lines. Once you're finished inking, erase your pencil    

Step 10.

To add depth to the image, use black ink or a fat tipped black marker to add shadows wherever needed. Be sure to add heavy shadow to the windows and inside the blaster housing.

Step 11.

At this point, you're pretty much done! If you need to make any corrections, use white ink or opaque white paint. And that's how you draw an AT ST Chicken Walker from Star Wars! Remember - there is only one "Return," and it is "Of the Jedi."

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