How to Draw a Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan

Artist: makangeni / March 18, 2013

Step 1.

First of all, draw the guide lines. Draw a circle for the head and the guide line for the chin, then draw neck, torso and bottom and guide lines for the arms. Remember that Goku is taller than Vegeta.

Step 2.

Draw the outline of the head and the ear. The lines have to be sharp and straight. Draw also two arched lines for Vegeta's hair.

Step 3.

Draw the thick eyebrows with skin folds between them to create an angry expression. Then, draw the small and pointy nose.

Step 4.

Add eyes and mouth.

Step 5.

Now, draw the thick neck and part of the clothes.

Step 6.

Now it's time to draw the hair. When a Saiyan turns into Super Saiyan his hair becomes golden in color and sharp and raised in shape, giving it a flame-like appearance. When the hair are done, add detail into the ear.

Step 7.

Continue the clothes and draw the muscular and thick shoulders and arms.

Step 8.

Finish the arms, draw the pants and add muscles on the chest and on the shoulders. Muscle tone becomes more defined in Super Saiyan form. Do not forget to add the wristbands on Goku and the gloves on Vegeta.

Step 9.

It's almost done! You just have to add details on hair, face and clothes.

Step 10.

Here the two finished Super Saiyans, ready to be colored.

Step 11.

Color the figure. Goku wears orange and blue clothes, while Vegeta wear a simple blue suit. Goku's wristbands are blue and Vegeta's gloves are white. The hair and the eyebrows have to be golden and natural eye color (black for both Vegeta and Goku   

Step 12.

Now, add the shadows. In this case the light source is on the right, so the shadows have to be put on the left side.

Step 13.

Add a layer of softer shadows.

Step 14.

Add bright light on the whole figure: on clothes, skin, eyes and, specially, on the hair. Goku and Vegeta in Super Saiyan form are done! If you want, you can add the golden aura around their bodies.

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Artist: makangeni
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Description: Something different this time, guys. I noticed that DBZ tutorial are very popular here, so, since I'm a fan of the series, I decided to try making one. I hope you'll like it but, if you are not a fan of Dragon Ball, don't worry, I'll continue doing also tutorials about animals. Enjoy!