How To Draw a Winter Neko Girl

Artist: ChibiGirl10 / November 25, 2012

Step 1.

First, draw a circle.

Step 2.

Draw the shape of her head.

Step 3.

Draw the guidelines on her face.

Step 4.

Draw her eyes and mouth. Also start to draw her hair.

Step 5.

Draw the guidelines of her body.

Step 6.

Draw her arms and start to draw her legs.

Step 7.

Draw out the shape of her body.

Step 8.

Draw her clothes and the details.

Step 9.

Draw the rest of her hair.

Step 10.

Draw the bench. She has to lean on something, right?

Step 11.

Draw the details of the bench.

Step 12.

Finally, erase the guidelines, color, and you're done!

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