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How to Draw an Anime Person

Artist: bey_chan / October 25, 2012
How to Draw an Anime Person

Step 1.

first draw guidelines, as suits you best; some people do guidelines differently, so just draw as would 'guide' you best :)

Step 2.

now draw in the jaw, neck and shoulders and guide lines for the face: eyes, nose and mouth

Step 3.

now, following your guidelines (that's what they're there for) draw in the eyes, nose and mouth. i find it easiest to start with the eyes, then nose and mouth, because then you can proportion things easier. in regards to the eyes, i start with the up   

Step 4.

i like to draw the center fringe part first, then the side ones. i like the side parts to frame the face. start from the top, then move down, in a sweep motion. if you're using pencil, it looks cool when you do it like that :)

Step 5.

fill in the rest of the hair, staring from the top of the head, filling in the bits closer to the neck and the fringe bangs things. for the ends, use light, fast pencil sweeps and stuff. looks cooler. :D

Step 6.

fill in the final details: shade in the eyes, clothes and face bits. i gave this dude a mole thing, and plasters on his face coz hes just such a rebel. also, shading under the lip and on the nose. :P

Step 7.

now, just crack out your rubber, and erase the guide lines and other bits, like the lines that intercept hair bits and stuff- final touch ups as well.

Step 8.

et voila.

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Artist: bey_chan
Date Added: October 25, 2012
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Tags: draw anime
Description: it was originally meant to be an anime guy with long hair, but i noticed that he was very...uh... mistakable for a woman. also the tutorial only tells you how to draw anime face...ness. nothing entirely specific. you can just copy it, or you can use some character of you own, i dont know or care, but if you use the images in this tut, please credit me, kay? ;) :*