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basic anime head

Artist: wellfreeman / January 9, 2013
basic anime head

Step 1.

start with a basic outline of the head

Step 2.

next add in the outline for the mouth,nose, and upper and lower eyelid.

Step 3.

now add your lines comming from the upper and lower eyelids and make the basic shape for your eyeris

Step 4.

start darkening in the iris as well as the rest of the eye, as well as putting in the light reflections at the tops of both eyes. Also darken both the top and bottom eyelids.

Step 5.

Start darkening the outline of the face. Next, add the top of the head, as well as both ears.

Step 6.

Next add the outlines for the hair. Then start by darkening in the eyes surrounding the iris

Step 7.

Next start adding hair lines to the hair.

Step 8.

Time for the fun part. Next we add color to her hair. You can also shade in parts of her hair for added detail

Step 9.

Optional to add blush and light shading around the facial features.

Step 10.

Final drawing. Engoy

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Artist: wellfreeman
Date Added: January 9, 2013
Steps: 10
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Tags: draw anime
Description: how to draw basic anime