How to Draw a White Tiger, Draw a Tiger in Pencil

Artist: DuskEyes969 / July 28, 2012

Step 1.

For the sketch we shall begin with a simple figure which does tend to look a bit weird. On the second part, add details, the eyes, ears and nose.

Step 2.

Your sketch should look like this. You may notice some guide lines and skull, you don't need to draw that, I made it just because i looked up some tiger skulls.

Step 3.

You will now make some " guide lines" for the tiger's stripes, you'll see what I mean in the next step. This process is similar to toning.

Step 4.

This is the mini tutorial on fur, tiger fur( hence the black spot). First decide in which direction the hair is growing,then sketch the stripe using straight or slightly curved lines, these must be parallel with direction in which the hair grows. Use   

Step 5.

Now, using what you learned from the last step ( or probably already knew) try drawing the ears. Use a pencil with a dull tip, the hear is very soft and fluffy around the ears, and a dull tip gives that effect. Don't rush, I spent a lot of time on th   

Step 6.

If you payed attention, this is just step 4 from the minitutorail, but on a larger scale .Take your time and draw the lines in the same directions I did. Use an 8B

Step 7.

Same thing here, I first wanted to make only one step on this part, but it might have looked to complicated and decided not to.

Step 8.

Here I have already started shading the darker parts. For shading i used lines that go in the direction the hair grows, pay close attention to that. Don't bother with the eyes right now.

Step 9.

As you may have noticed, the process is not linear, in some parts I'm at step 6 (from the mini tut) and in others I'm on step 3. You can work however you wish, using the final picture as a reference for the stripes and spots.

Step 10.

You're almost done. Finish the rest of the fur, the make the eyes, which are really easy do.Actually, tiger eyes are really lame,too simple, only the color is pretty but it doesn't matter much here. The black background is optional. Drawing white fur   

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello people, I made an interesting tutorial for you today ( actually in two but nevermind) on how to draw a realistic white tiger. Those who had the misfortune to draw animals before should know how difficult it can be to draw fur. This tutorial includes a mini tutorial on fur, but it would be best if you already knew the basics on drawing fur.This was really fun to draw, I had a lot of coffee and sleepless hours,so you'd better enjoy it.Jk,Have fun, you can ask me anything in the comment section.