How to Draw a Cool Tiger, Tiger In Jungle


Here you will draw a small circle for the head, then draw out another shape for the body. When that is done add a neck and facial guide like so.


Next, sketch out the actual blocky structure of the tigers head. Notice how the cheeks are drawn with an angled point, and the snout is also very broad.


Draw in the ears, then draw the marking lines around the muzzle which will be for the lighter shade on his face. When that is done you will also need to draw in the actual shape of the nose, as well as draw in the brows for the eyes.


It's time to finish the tiger's face. Finish the eyes first, then draw in the eyeballs. You will add the detailing to the nose, then add the whiskers. Erase the mistakes and guides on the face so you can draw in the stripes. Once the stripes are draw   


Start sketching out the bulky body neck first. Draw the front arm, paw, and then the raised shoulder blades.


Draw out the rest of the body starting with the back lining and rear end. Once that is done you can draw out the hind legs, then each paw. Don't forget to draw the toes.


Draw out the tail in the pose you see here. Notice how it has a lot of angles and straight edges. It almost swirls in.


Before drawing and coloring in the stripes you will need to erase the mistakes you made as well as the guidelines. Once that is done you can draw out the tribal looking stripes, then color them in.


Here is what your tiger looks like now that you have finished drawing him out. Now all you have to do is pick out the two colors that you want to use when coloring in your big cat.


Here is the background color. As you can see I used a few different shades of green to create the grass effect.


I started off with a basic dark colored green leaf for the foliage. Then I progressively lightened the leaf until definition took place.


Here is a picture of the background with and without trees faded out in the back. You can choose whatever you want.

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July 31, 2012

Description: I've had this lesson sitting in my folder for a couple days, and I finally decided to upload the tut so that folks can enjoy drawing this wonderfully looking animal species. Since I have drawn a lot of cool things in the past, I thought I would show you guys "how to draw a cool tiger", step by step. The tiger I made has these awesome tribal looking stripes, a mean looking face, and a very boxy tail. The build of the tiger's body is very masculine which means he could probably take on others if need be. I love the contrast I used for the two shades when I colored in this beast, but you can go with your own colors if that's what you want. Anyways, there is also some helpful tips on drawing and coloring in some of the background like the leaves and grass. Well that's about it folks, I will be back later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in. Peace out people!

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