How to Draw Tigers for Kids


There is more than five steps with this for kids tutorial because there is two animals you will be drawing. The first thing to do is draw two circles for the heads and then draw in the face guides.


Here you will start with the left tiger. Draw out shape of the head and face like you see here. If you look closely you will see that the head kind of looks like a bell. Draw in the ears and then add inner ear detailing.


What you will do now is draw in the stripes that surrounds the top half of the face and then draw in the half shaped eyes and eyeballs like so. Make the nose and draw the mouth as well as the whiskers.


The first tiger is almost done. What you have to do now is draw out the body which is in a sitting pose. Make the front legs stubby and trunk like.


Draw the tail, toes, and stripes to complete this tiger. When you are done you can move onto tiger number two


You are now ready to start tackling the second tiger. Begin with drawing out the shape of the head and then draw in the ears, and stripes. The reason why you are covering a lot more with this tiger at one time, is because you should be familiar with    


The only thing you have to do for step seven, is draw out the tigers eyes, and then draw the nose, mouth, and whiskers like before.


Okay guys, just simply draw the front legs and then move along.


Draw the rest of the tigers body like so, and then draw in the tail. Add the stripes last, and then begin erasing the guides and shapes you made in step one.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now that you have a cleaned up image, you can begin your coloring task.

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November 3, 2011

Description: Hello everyone on, how is your drawing day going thus far? Today I have some easy, but cool tutorials to submit. I will start things off by teaching you "how to draw tigers for kids", step by step. My little sister practically begged me to make this lesson because she wanted so bad to be able to draw tigers in an easy manner. She has started playing Zoo Tycoon so that has a lot to do with her out “of the blue urge”. The tigers in the lesson are adorable and very friendly looking just like they are in the game. My sister was very specific when she told me what to draw. The end results helped her out in the end, and she was successful with showing herself how to draw tigers. Now, my sister is nine years old and she was able to make the tigers pretty easily. If you are older than nine, you should be able to breeze right through this tutorial. I will be back either way because there is more stuff coming to a computer screen in front of you.

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