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How to Draw a Wallaby

Artist: Dawn / January 10, 2020
How to Draw a Wallaby

Step 1.

Sketch the guidelines for the wallaby real quick and also lightly on your paper.

Step 2.

Next, let's draw the head shape as well.

Step 3.

Then, we'll draw the ears as well.

Step 4.

Here, I've broken up the steps to show you just how easy it is to draw the face for this cutie!

Step 5.

Then, draw the neck and the beginning stages of the stomach and back.

Step 6.

Draw his two little cupped hands too!

Step 7.

Then, working one leg at a time, draw the left leg first and then the belly and the connecting leg.

Step 8.

Lastly, draw the tail for the baby kangaroo.

Step 9.

Once you are satisfied with the outcome of your sketch, go ahead and bust open fine tipped Sharpies or Microns and ink your drawing out for a clean - bold effect! Thanks for viewing my lesson, guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 10, 2020
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Tags: how to draw australian animals, how to draw wallabies
Description: Here's another animal I did because of the tragic disaster in Aussie! Drawing this cute lil' guy was so much fun but sad at the same time. Let us all pray for no more animals to die or for another fire to start in Australia!