How to Draw a Tribal Moon

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Draw a plus sign first that looks like an aiming symbol. You will then draw a big gigantic "C" for the shape of the moon crest.


Draw out the entire shape of the moon and then draw the inner line to create a border within the shape of the moon as seen here.


You will now start sketching out your tribal design shapes as drawn for you here and then when you are done you can move to the next step. Remember, tribal designs are drawn in pieces and then they are put together like a puzzle.


Continue to draw out more of the shapes for the tribal design and as you see in the larger area of the moon the shapes and or pieces get larger than smaller when they reach the tip.


Here is your last drawing step. All you need to do now is finish up the last three shapes for the tribal design as you see here and then erase the guidelines you drew in step one.


When you are done your design should come out looking like the one you see here. You can now color in your art, or leave it black and white. I hope you enjoyed this easy online lesson on "how to draw a tribal moon" step by step.

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August 13, 2009

Description: Hello everyone and welcome back to another tutorial here on I am your host and drawing instructor for this lesson, Dragon_Queen. Today I will be showing you "how to draw a tribal moon design" that can be used for a really cool looking tattoo. Tribal art has come a long way from it’s Polynesian background and the concept of tribal art keeps growing bigger everyday. I have come to really enjoy drawing out different types of designs that fall into the tattoo category of the pop culture section. Art is a very constructive way to let the inner you out, and express how one is feeling inside. Most artists create to make statements on their beliefs, or just to express how they feel at the current time in their lives. I love drawing all different types of things and when I stay on a certain subject for a while than that is when you know that I am going through a phase of experimental art. I love drawing and I also love what I do. Tribal designs sometimes express how I feel, and through that feeling I create drawings that I am happy with and fond of. This tutorial is a simple one indeed. I will show you “how to draw a tribal moon” with just five drawing steps. You can get as freaky and as creative as you want when learning from one of the lessons on the site. I mean it’s always good to expand your mind and add a little something of yourself into your drawing when ever possible. I am going to be leaving you now but I shall return. I hope you enjoy this tutorial that I am about to submit. Peace out guys and girls and happy drawing!

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