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How to Draw Tribal Cobra Art

Artist: Dawn / July 28, 2009
How to Draw Tribal Cobra Art

Step 1.

To start you will draw a circle for the cobra's head and then draw out all the guidelines you will need to draw out the cobra's slithering body. Once that is complete you can move to the next step.

Step 2.

Start sketching out the tribal design lines that will make up the cobra's face. Make sure that these lines come out looking the way you see them here. The best thing to do is click on the step to enlarge the view.

Step 3.

Continue to sketch out the tribal design lines and shapes that way you see them here. This tutorial takes a lot of patience and concentration. Take your time and follow the steps.

Step 4.

The best thing about a cobra is the wings and or ribs that these snakes are known for. You will need to take your time when you do this so be patient.

Step 5.

Start sketching out the tail and the rest of the tribal cobra's body the way you see it here. These tribal lines look a bot like zebra strips.

Step 6.

Continue to draw out the tribal lines that will eventually make up the rest of the body and tail. Take your time while drawing out the tribal shapes that you see here. You can get a bot creative, but I would leave it alone if you are a novice tribal    

Step 7.

For your last drawing step you will complete the tail of this cobra and carefully start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 8.

When you color your tribal design in your should end up with something like this. I hope you had fun learning "how to draw tribal cobra art" step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 28, 2009
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Tags: draw a snake, how to draw tribal art, draw tribal art, draw tribal animals, how to draw tribal, how to draw tribal designs, how to draw tribal animals
Description: Let me shy away from cartoon characters for a moment and do something more on the tribal level. There is all kinds of animals that can be drawn into a tribal design and or tattoo. For my next tutorial I wanted to show you guys โ€œhow to draw a tribal snake" design step by step. This is something that has taken some time to sketch out, draw, and complete. I have drawn a lot of tribal art in the past, and some of it was really awesome. I am about to teach you a simple way to draw a tribal snake the way that you see them drawn on the arms, legs and backs of people all over the place. It is true that this type of design is not commonly seen, but when you do get a glimpse of it, you will know why these tribal snake designs are awesome. How about I shut up now and let you move onto better and brighter things? I know I ramble a lot about the characters that I submit, but I like explaining myself which is why I talk about how I come up with ideas, and what I think is cool about the drawing. Anyway, I will now let you go because as you know I have a lot of work to complete. Have fun with this tutorial on โ€œhow to draw tribal cobra art step by stepโ€. Peace out folks and happy drawing.