How to Write the word Wolf in Chinese


ok i have done this tut with red pen but you can use anything so first draw the line that kind looks like a flick its pointy at top


now draw atached to that the dagger kinda point


now you have to do another one of thos dagger looking things but make it a bit higher than last one and make it half on left side and half on right side but make sure its still all atached


now for the second half of it do do the box with a little curve in it and then at the top left make a little bump and on the top right make a sort of triangle thats lost its head and half way in the box corner


then do a line coming from the botom left going down and leading to a sort of a flick with a sharp point leave a little gap and start a little line from the otherside starting with a point then from the box start with a point and make a line through    


then to finish up do the line coming from the top middle of the roght part of the word now your done i hope you enjoyed this tut made for sabertoothwolf

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March 9, 2012

Description: wolf wrote in chinese made for sabertooth wolf

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