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How to Draw a Tribal Paw Print

Artist: nicole_arty / March 8, 2012
How to Draw a Tribal Paw Print

Step 1.

ok ive done this tut with a pencil backing and a red pen to make it easyer to sea what to do but just use anything on hand draw in the red part of the main part of the paw mark

Step 2.

now do the rest of the main part of the paw mark

Step 3.

now for the bottom part of the claw mark on the end left

Step 4.

now for the middle of the same claw mark

Step 5.

ok now for the tip of that claw mark part

Step 6.

now for theclaw mark next to the one you have just completed so with this one we do the tip and the little dot in the mark first

Step 7.

now just to draw the rest of that mark then

Step 8.

ok now go to the next claw and do the tip first this time

Step 9.

now for the middle bit

Step 10.

now for the bottom and thos small bits on the left middle

Step 11.

now for the final claw mark part so do the tip first and the middle

Step 12.

now do the bottom of the final claw mark part and your done i hope you enjoyed my tut :D

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Artist: nicole_arty
Date Added: March 8, 2012
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Tags: draw tribal art, how to draw paws, draw paw prints
Description: this is my tut on a tribal art paw mark hope you like it B)