How to Draw a Tiger Face

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First, to build a solid – proportioned facial of a tiger, you'll have to sketch out the preliminary basis to glue the drawing together. I recommend using a compass for this part to draw the perfect circles. It doesn't matter if your circle isn't EX   


Now, the most important step towards creating the initial completion of drawing a tiger face. Here you'll have to draw the upper lids. I ALWAYS start off by drawing the upper lids and find it to easier to symmetrically correct mishaps accruing in the   


Then, finish up details on the eyes. When you add brief detailing of fur for a simplistic drawing such as this, DON'T ADD TOO MUCH! Otherwise, it will confuse the eye of the overall drawing. Believe me, it will look like a bunch of mish-mash! Add the   


Next, here we place lots of whiskers! Fun fun! To make things very simple, draw light lines that will pattern the sides of the upper jaw. These 'lines' or 'dots' are the bases to where the whiskers are placed. It may seem that the whiskers are sprout   


Finally, we add all the stripes! Take note, when you draw stripes over mounds or unleveled parts of the body, the stripes will warp around them. Take for instance, the stripes beneath the eyes. These are seemingly warped over some kind of unleveled p   


Finally, all the hard work comes to an end! Here you have your finished product, or what it should resemble. If you don't like your drawing, retry the tutorial. Remember, observing and studying the faces of tigers is an artist's essential key to beco   

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October 15, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'm here to quickly post this tutorial on “how to draw a tiger face”, step by step. I had a lot of fun drawing this live during my LiveStream tonight. The colors was the most intriguing part to completing the final image. I was thinking of a tiger, ready to pounce forward to dig its claws into its prey. I know you'll have fun to “draw a tiger head”, so without further ado, have fun with your drawing! Please leave any feedback on how you liked the lesson!

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