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How to Draw a Feline

Artist: Dawn / October 18, 2010
How to Draw a Feline

Step 1.

Before you get busy drawing this cat, or feline you should know what you are about to draw in this fist step. You will be making the shapes and lines needed to make the basic frame for your feline. Start by drawing a small to medium sized circle for    

Step 2.

Now start sketching out the shapes of the head, face, and ears like so. Once that is done, sketch in the nose, and then begin sketching out the body including the legs, chest, and stomach.

Step 3.

Finish sketching out the body, and then draw in the tail. Once that is done, draw the other hind leg, and then draw in the toes. Next, sketch out the fluffy hair on top of the head, draw in the eyes, color in the pupils, and then add the mouth, whisk   

Step 4.

Here is what your little or big kitty looks like when you are all done. Pick a color and color her/him in. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw a feline.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 18, 2010
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Tags: draw cats, draw felines, how to draw a cat
Description: Hey everyone, I’m back and with my return I bring good things like awesome drawing lessons that you will have fun learning from. To start, I am going to fill a request, and show you "how to draw a feline", step by step. I know what you’re saying, “felines are cats, and you have a ton of cat tutorials”! Yes, you are right, but when someone asks me to make them a lesson on a certain object, animal, or person, I try and fill the request to the best of my abilities, and I also want the heading to be the same subject someone asks for so you guys know that a particular lesson goes out to the person that requested it. Felines are strange, but simple animals. They are a lot less complex than owning a dog I’ll tell you that. I think it’s because cats don’t really want you to walk them, or play ball with them, or even get all that much attention. Instead they play all by themselves whether their chasing pieces of paper, or playing with string that is dangling from a window blind or something, and instead of wanting to be walked like a dog does, they would much rather play in their indoor house, or climb the trees outside. I know for a fact that cats don’t require as much attention as dogs do. I think this is because cats are more independent then dogs, and because of this they are purr-fectly fine just lounging wherever they want. The feline I drew has a spunky look, and I also chose to color him/her in the very popular yellowish orange. If you want to "draw a feline" of your own and would like to choose a different shade to color in your cat with, go right ahead because I will not feel offended whatsoever. I have to pounce out of here because there is a few more lessons that I need to put up. I hope you have fun with this tutorial, and if you have a favorite animal you would like to see as a lesson, just let me know. Peace out people, and have fun!