How to Draw a White Bengal Tiger Cub


These are the tools that I used to make this picture. The two pencils on the bottom right corner are Prismacolor light blue and light pink colored pencils, logo covered it up haha.


Lets get this started with drawing a basic circle useing the hb pencil. Spilt the circle down the middle with a straight vertical line and again horizontally but this time have the line curve slightly near the edges of the circle. Put another line ju   


Next draw the eyes inbetween the two horizantal lines. The eyes are an oval/almond shape. Place the nose where its just above the bottom of the circle. The ears are above the circle so there is room to draw the fur and stripes in, this helps give him   


Next up where going to draw in the placement lines for the fur around his head. Give these lines a flowing feel to them. Draw in the slits of his eyes and begin to draw in his paw.


Now were going to begin drawing in some stirpes. You can place your stripes anyway you like, no tiger has the same stripes! :) Once you have those finished move on to drawing in the pads of his paw. Notice how they are parcially covered with fur line   


In this step were going to finish out the stripes on the cubs face. These stripes can change while shading and detailing so don't draw them to dark. Indicate the fur growing in his ears and the slits of his nose.


Now you can erase the guidelines of his face. Finish out your beautiful tiger sketch by drawing in his claws and a quick detail line on the main pad of his paw.


On the right is my own sketch. Now is the time to take a good look at the cub. Is he how you want him to look before you begin the detailing process?


This is where the fun starts! The next few steps are more advanced. I will try my best to explain what I did. I'm sorry for how few pictures there are of this part of the tutroial, I got really serious about finishing him. :P Begin by taking your 4   


Here is a close up shot of the cubs face. Keep your pencil sharp to help each line you make show. Try to avoid drawing your lines down, I find that drawing them in a down-up way gets you a more desired line. To help get the "stacked" look to your fur   


Here is the final result! I used my 4B pencil to give him a drop shadow to help him stand out of the page. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! :) Happy drawing!

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June 24, 2011

Description: This is a tutorial on how to draw a white bengal tiger cub from the front. It includes drawing the basic lines of the cub as well as how to shade and detail him. I made him one night while I was bored and decided if I was going to have a tutorial why not let the first one be a cute tiger cub!

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