How to Draw Tigers


Tigers re big beautiful ad playful jungle cats. There not always orange, they come in white too. Tigers of all ages like to play, it keeps their bodies fit and it keeps their hunting instinct nice and sharp. They also enjoy rolling around in the dirt   


They have sharp teeth in the front of their mouth for grabbing onto their prey and dragging it down along with a very powerful jaw and sense of smell.


They have big heavy paws and claws for batting and clawing at rivals and prey. They scratch their claws against trees to keep them sharp.


Their tails are long and curvy, ending in a flat end as if it had just been cut off at one point nice and even.


Now lets get right on in and get started. We'll start with a set of three circles, one for the head, one for the chest and one for the hips. We'll draw lines coming down and out for the legs and the tail. We'll add another circle towards the bottom o   


The first thing we're going to add is it's face, so we'll draw out the eyes. Then we'll move onto the nose and mouth along with the whiskers.


From there we'll draw out the rest of the head along with the ears. Go ahead and make him look furry, he is very fuzzy after all.


Next we'll draw out the long powerful legs, starting with the one closest to us. We'll also draw out where the front leg connects to the chest.


From there we'll draw the other front leg and draw out the back of our tiger.


Now we'll draw out the hind leg.


And then the tail.


And now that we have the body all drawn out we can add all the stripes. They don't have to be perfect, but they are mostly symmetrical.


And there you have it. Your very own tiger. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I can't wait to see just how yours came out!

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February 12, 2011

Description: I'm on a roll this week everyone. I have yet another one for you today and I really hope you like it. This time I'm going to show you how to draw tigers. Those big stripedy cats that roam the jungles and savannas. I'm going to guide you through step by step and even give you some tips and tricks along the way for you to use in the future. So get settled in and get your tools ready and we'll get started. Enjoy!

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