How to Draw a Claymore, Claymore Sword

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AS you can see this is going to be an easy sword to tackle even though it's a claymore. Begin with three guidelines. These lines will be for the hand grip and hand guard.


Once the lines are drawn you can then begin shaping out the handle of the Claymore sword like so. Remember this is a Scottish sword which means the design is somewhat simple.


Next, draw the shapes of the hand guards, as well as the William Wallace scarf that is tied to the mid section of the handle like so. You can choose to leave this feature out it you like. You will also need to sketch in the triangular shaped plate ju   


Now it is time to draw out the actual sword and or blade. As you can see the blade should be long, and very heavy looking. Be sure to draw the point as well.


Sketch in the detailing and design on the top part of the Claymore, and then draw the definition blade line straight through the middle section of the sword. This is a double edged sword which means it is sharp on both sides. Once you are done you ca   


Here is what your Claymore looks like when you are done. Color it in, and maybe even stick it in the ground to make a replica of the battlefield that William Wallace fought on.

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March 3, 2012

Description: Here's another tutorial that may be cool to a few of your tastes. I've had a few people request I do more weapons tutorials, and here, I've done one on "how to draw a Claymore sword", step by step. This sword is popular among medieval weapons. William Wallace has used this specific Claymore that you see before you. The process to draw the claymore sword wasn't long as I expected it to be since it's basically a long shape with a broad handle. The ribbons tied around the handle is needed if you want this to be associated with William, because he is the defender of Scotland, hence the plaid colors. Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy this lesson as I had lots of fun to create it. Let me know how you did and don't shut off to requesting tuts!

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