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How to Draw a Starfish for Kids

Artist: Dawn / October 17, 2011
How to Draw a Starfish for Kids

Step 1.

Make a large plus sign, or cross like so.

Step 2.

Begin drawing out the top part of the starfish using the guidelines you made in step one. The tips of each limb should be rounded.

Step 3.

Finish drawing out the star shape like so, and then clean up the center of the drawing freeing it from guides and mistakes.

Step 4.

Lastly, draw in the surface texture which is a bunch of randomly placed lumps, bumps, or holes.

Step 5.

That's it guys you are now officially done drawing a starfish for kids. Choose a color to shade in your drawing with.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 17, 2011
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Tags: draw for kids, how to draw starfish
Description: I just wanted to very quickly upload this tutorial on "how to draw a starfish for kids", step by step. Someone asked me for this lesson a while ago and I forgot all about it. So here it is, a very, very, very simple way to make a starfish that can be detailed and decorated your very own way. Have fun, and be sure to keep the requests coming. I love reading new ideas for lessons that not only make artists happy, but benefit others too. Adios people, and I will return with more drawing fun later on today.