How to Draw a Christmas Tree for Kids

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Begin with a simple vertical line like so in the size of your choosing. If you are drawing a big tree, then the line should also match the size of your desired tree.


Right at the top of the line you just drew, draw in a cute little star. I wanted to have fun with this tree so I went ahead and colored in some eyes.


There is three tiers to this Christmas tree, so like always start at the top. Sketch out a mountain like shape and draw in the jagged ends like so.


Draw the second part to the Christmas tree, and like the first one, draw the ends in a jagged manner.


Lastly, draw in the bottom part of the tree, and then draw the trunk. If you plan on decorating the tree, do so once you have cleaned up the drawing.


This is the cleaned up drawing and now is the time to start drawing in your lights, ornaments, and even garland. I hope you liked this Christmas tree for kids even though x-mas is two months away.

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October 9, 2011

Description: This is the second lesson I was talking about when I uploaded the snowman for kids. It is based on a Christmas object that decorates the homes of families around the world. Even though not everyone celebrates any form of Christmas, I myself am one hundred percent a God and Jesus believer. Anyways, this tutorial is on "how to draw a Christmas tree for kids", step by step. The concept is extremely simple, and you should be able to finish this task if you choose to take it on, in as little as five minutes or less if you’re an intermediate artist. One of the things I love about winter is how potent and fragrant the smell of pine trees are when it’s cold outside. Well that just about does it for me or for this tutorial description at least. I will leave you to your thoughts as you begin drawing this tree in a for kids manner.

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