How to Draw a Scarecrow for Kids

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Make an oval or oblong shape for the head and then draw in the angular body. Make one face guide and move along.


Next, draw out the simple straw style hat like most scarecrows wear, and then add some simple detailing under the lid, and on the top left side.


Thicken and shape out the face lining like so, and then draw in some bangs for the scarecrows straw hairstyle.


Make oblong shaped eyes, thicken the bottom lining as you add some lashes, and then draw in the eyeballs, nose, and blush marks on the cheeks.


Proceed onto drawing out a very simple body shape that is both stiff, and boxy looking. Make the lining for the straps of the overalls, and then make a line in the lower middle for the legs.


Finish the scarecrow by drawing out the hay style hands, and feet and then draw out two small round buttons. Clean up the drawing freeing it from mistakes and guidelines.


This is one of my favorite tutorials, and I hope you fall in love with this version of a scarecrow for kids. Color in your work, and you are now all done.

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October 10, 2011

Description: "The second I turn around there is always something in my way". Hello again folks, how is your drawing day going so far? I hope you are having some good fun on this Columbus holiday because excitement is going to be coming your way once again. I have a really cute lesson that I know folks re gonna love. It’s "how to draw a scarecrow for kids", step by step and believe me, this is such an awesome tutorial to tackle because it is so easy and incredibly cute. The idea to make this scarecrow came from, once again, my eight year old sister. She was having a hard time making her own version, and because I know she loves creating new things to decorate the house with, I went ahead and made her a tutorial on drawing a scarecrow that she could understand. So here is what I ended up with, hopefully you find it entertaining. There is only one way to make one of these bird chasing objects look so cute, and that is way is here. Adios people and Happy Halloween!

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