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How to Draw Zombie Nyan Cat, Zombie Nyan Cat

Artist: Dawn / October 18, 2011
How to Draw Zombie Nyan Cat, Zombie Nyan Cat

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, and then draw in the face guides like so.

Step 2.

Draw out the actual shape of the cat's face like so, and then draw in the small pointed ears. Sketch in the missing chunks of flesh on the cheeks and then move to step three.

Step 3.

Draw and color in the small round eyes, and then draw in the kitty style nose.

Step 4.

Draw in the top row of teeth and be sure to give this kitty some fangs. You will then sketch in the ripped, muscle exposed tissue like so, and then draw in the tongue. Color the hollow or darkened area of the mouth like so.

Step 5.

Next, draw out the pop tart shaped body like so, and then draw in the lining that will make the edges of the frosted topping.

Step 6.

And lastly for the last step, all you have to do is draw out the legs like so, and then sketch in the puffy tail. Sketch in the speckles on the pop tart and erase all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 7.

The line art looks as follows. As you can see you are all ready to color in the zombified Nyan cat.

Comments (2)
maclovesdogs · 6 years ago
:omgomg: so creepy
cooljamer12 · 6 years ago
Creepy :jawdrop:
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 18, 2011
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Tags: draw zombies
Description: I went ahead and did it, I made a tutorial on something that makes no sense at all. Instead of filling requests on a cool basis, I went ahead and used my senses to fill so many requests for me to make a tutorial on "how to draw zombie Nyan cat", step by step. I know, I know it’s a physical possibility that actual blood can be oozing out from Nyan cat because if the body is made up of a pop tart, that means the face, legs, and tail, have to be made up of the same concept. Anyways, I hope you guys have fun as and be sure to let me know if this is exactly how you pictured a zombie version of Nyan cat. I shall return so stick around to see who else, or what else I will submit next. Peace people!