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How to draw a snowy owl

Artist: Gylfieluv14 / September 21, 2012
How to draw a snowy owl

Step 1.

So in the 1st step draw the head thats shaped like a ball, and the body what is like an oval...

Step 2.

Draw the figure or the silhouette of the owl...

Step 3.

in this part draw the eyes, the beek, wing, and some legs...

Step 4.

Now just get rid of the lines... And your owl is done :)

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Artist: Gylfieluv14
Date Added: September 21, 2012
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Tags: how to draw owls, how to draw birds
Description: So i know im not a great drawer on paint but im just trying to fit in with all you drawers oon dragoart... so hope you enjoy