How to Draw a Simple Rabbit

Artist: Dawn / May 28, 2010

Step 1.

Start with a semi large circle for the head, and then draw the facial guidelines. You will then need to draw the egg shape of the body like so.

Step 2.

All you have to do here is sketch out the actual shape of the head, and face, and then draw in a nose and mouth.

Step 3.

Draw in the slanted eyes and color them in, and then add an alfalfa at the base of the head.

Step 4.

Next, draw out the rabbit's big Pez shaped ears. Add the dimple inside to add some definition or detail.

Step 5.

You will now finish off this drawing on a simple rabbit by drawing the hind legs which are in the form of thighs, and the bottoms of the feet. Lastly, draw the arms, and then you can start erasing all the lines and shapes you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Once you are done, your simple rabbit drawing looks like the one you see before you here. Isn't that one incredibly cute bunny?

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 28, 2010
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Description: Judging by the number of hits the last four lessons have gotten, I guess everyone enjoyed the tutorials. This will be my last simple based subject for the day. How many of us have ever wanted to draw a rabbit that was not only cute, and lovable, but also easy to draw. Nowadays there is drawings sites popping up all over the place claiming they can teach you a skill that many people want to obtain all of a sudden. I mean don't get me wrong, art has been a part of almost every culture around the world whether it be from painting, pottery, writing, weaving, or farming. For me, I think my abilities is a mixture of drawing, creating, and writing. I just totally got off track didn't I? Well, let me break out of that subject and get into a new one. I don't think I told you guys what it is you will be teaching yourself from this lesson. I'm going to show you "how to draw a simple rabbit", step by step. Now, the reason why I choose a rabbit to turn into simple form, is because a lot of kids and adults love this particular animal. I think rabbits are loved because of all the rabbit based characters in the media from the past, and from today. In fact, these animals are so loved, people even get them as pets for inside the house using a simple cage set up. This version of the two toothed critter, looks more like a dwarf bunny than anything else. I colored the fur in two different shades like a light brown, mixed with an off white canvas. No matter what type of colors and markings you choose for your bunny, I can almost guarantee that you will have fun learning "how to draw a simple rabbit", step by step. When you are done with your drawing, try and submit your finished work onto the site so that everyone can have a chance checking out what you have done. That does it for me, I will now get back to my other tutorial that will teach you to draw something fantastically cool. Peace out folks, and have a happy drawing day.