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How to Draw Simple Anime Eyes

Artist: Hkrocks123 / May 31, 2009
How to Draw Simple Anime Eyes

Step 1.

You want to make 2 moon shaped closed eye lids.

Step 2.

You want to make a like of open circle thing.

Step 3.

Make a circle shape in between them

Step 4.

Now fill those circles with black. Or a a dark gray color. (make them look alike as much as you can)

Step 5.

Then make 2 dots, one bigger than another. And one moon shaped thing at the bottom.

Step 6.

Then fill the moon shaped thing with the eye color, and make it thinner if you want.

Step 7.

Make sure the eye is just how you want it, and fix it up if its not. And make the lines thicker if you like. Then now we add the eyelashes.

Step 8.

You can make the sides of the eye go up, and/or make it thicker to make it look better, Or you can add more color to it. Or whatever you like. Hope you liked it!

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Artist: Hkrocks123
Date Added: May 31, 2009
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Tags: draw simple, draw eyes, how to draw eyes
Description: Hope you enjoy! Its about the easiest way to draw a anime eye.