How to Draw Joltik, Joltik From Pokemon


First draw Joltik's around and plump body. Draw a circle for his head and a line going down his back for guidelines.


Next draw guidelines for his legs. Joltik has pointy spider legs. so make them kind of like bendy triangles.


Then draw round circles for his eyes. Joltik has a pair of small eyes on the top of his head so don't forget to draw them as well.


Now lets begin the main drawing. First draw his head, Joltik is a very fluffy Pokemon. Don't forget his teeth like mouth and the two main points on his head.


Now time for his big loving eyes. Just trace the previous guidelines and draw in his pupils.


Lets do his front legs next. He has small pointy legs and some fluff around his ankles. His legs are really small and not very detailed.


Finally his back! Again, make him extra poofy and use the strategy with the front legs as same as the back ones.


Now just add a nice black outline and coloring him in anyway you like!


Joltik comes in two colors shiny and normal. I did both just for your reference!


Joltik is a fun and cute pokemon to draw. Enjoy!

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January 4, 2013

Description: If you love Pokemon you will love this tutorial! This is a 5th generation Pokemon named joltik! Enjoy! This tutoiral will be very easy!

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