How to Draw a Lucky Cat

Artist: jolly / January 27, 2017

Step 1.

Step one, draw two circles, one for the head and one for the body. The head's circle should have a cross-hair to help you were to put the eyes and noes later on.

Step 2.

Step two, time to draw the base of the body and head. Use the two circles you drew in step one to get an idea. The body should be fat towards the bottom and the head should be slightly oval shape.

Step 3.

Step three, draw the face. You don't have to, but I gave my lucky cat drawing squnity looking eyes because it is cute. The noes should be flat at the top and pointy at the bottom. The mouth is like a three shape and give him a smile. Also draw tow li   

Step 4.

Step four, the ears. The ears are a triangle shape and should be round at the bottom and thinner at the top.

Step 5.

Step five, the feet. Draw two half circles on each side for the feet. One the feet draw two lines each to draw the twos. Use the circle from step one to help you draw the hind part of the legs.

Step 6.

Step six, the front paws. The paws should be chubby and round. The paws are a circle shape along with two lines on each to create the toes. To connect the paws to the body draw very smooth and curvy lines from the paws to the body. One should be risi   

Step 7.

Step seven, draw the short studdy tail and the collar on the neck of the cat. Next is the coin, the coin is a very rounded square. Draw the coin under the cats left (his left) paws.

Step 8.

Step eight, the kanji characters on the coin. For this part I suggest looking around to give an idea on how to draw these characters (I had some trouble myself as well). The characters mean 10,000,000 ryo ( the currency used in the Japanese Edo perio   

Step 9.

Step nine, finally clean up your sketch and outline your drawing.

Step 10.

Step ten, color! Lucky cats come in a variety of colors, but I drew mine a light brownish white. I used brown and grey for his spots and red for the whiskers, ears and collar. Also yellow for the coin.

Step 11.

Finally clean up and other sketch marks and shape up your drawing. I hope you enjoyed this tutorials and if you have any suggestions for tutorials fill free to ask me!

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Description: Lucky cats, or beckoning cats, are small Japanese figures that are believed to bring good luck to the owner. Here is a simple and fun tutorial on how to draw one!